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About Slimming (Weight Management Center - WMC)

Slimmimg is a comprehensive solution for the permanent weight loss. It has a scientific way to make you slim. It is an initiative which helps people of all age groups, having different physiological and medical conditions to achieve journey towards Wellness.
Wellness in an individual is expressed intrinsically and extrinsically through Ideal body weight, resistance to infection, alertness, strength, endurance and healthy skin and shining hair. Customized wellness program sets the foundation and pathway for the well- being of an individual.
Effective weight loss can be achieved, only once the underlying reasons of obesity are identified and acknowledged. To achieve a complete wellness we are offering you most Holistic and modern approach of weight management while addressing all your health concerns.

Our Services:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Body Contouring
  • Figure Correction
  • Spot Reduction ( Tummy trim, thigh trim, Arm trim and Hip trim therapies)
  • Wellness Treatments (Customized Diet plan and Health supplements)
  • Specialized Therapies (Turmoslim, Advanced Lypo R, Body therapies)

Comprehensive Assessment ABCD Approach and weight loss A to F…Approach

  • A detailed four step assessment by a team of experts to recommend you a customized diet programme and balanced diet menu :
  • A – Anthropometric Assessment - BMI Calculator, Body composition analysis ( output sheet), Body constitution – Vata / Pitta / Kapha
  • B – Bio chemical parameters (Kidney profile, Liver function test, Thyroid profile, Serum Insulin or farsting sugar,Haemoglobin )
  • C – Clinical History
  • D – Dietary Assessment

Comprehensive Quartet Weight Loss Approach...

  • Customized Diet Plan
  • Health Supplements
  • Passive Activity
  • Maintenance Diet

Imagine Having the Body you’ve Always Wanted....Looking Good and Feeling Good...

  • Nutritionally balanced diet for healthy body composition.
  • More flexibility for todays lifestyle
  • Nutri Diet programmes in improving Biochemical parameters.
  • Weight Loss - No longer a lifelong battle.
  • Just say No to crash diet
  • Health supplements for total wellness.
  • You can lose 2 to 5 kg in just 15 days
  • Most effective figure correction programs
  • Advanced therapies and spot area treatments.
  • Advanced body firming and inch loss treatments.


  • “I felt encouraged under the guidance and service provided by the Kailash Health Village for my Personal and quality life. My major concern was addressed and understood. Appropriate goals and remedial actions were set and these were adequately explained. I highly recommend these services to all.”
    -Anamika chobey
  • “It’s going great…. I like the diet, Eat more to lose more. You should also try it…”
    -Swati Sharma
  • “Amazing program, I enjoy all the weight loss therapies and I able to follow the diet plans as they are not at all boring. And top of everything I’ve lost 12 kg in just 6 weeks, it’s awesome…”
    -Gunendra Singh