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Colon Hydrotherapy

As per Indian system of medicine our intestines (colon) are the house of all diseases. Also it’s a belief that health begins in the colon. Due to improper bowel cleaning there is a growth of multiple toxins which leads to many diseases like – Allergies, Body odor, Candida, Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Constipation, Diarrhoea, Gas and flatulence, Headaches, Irritable bowel syndrome, Liver problems, migraines, Menstrual problems, Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, Thyroid problems and may more.
Keeping same in mind we have developed complete colon cleansing system with special features like

  • Highly advanced, hygienic and completely automated Colon machine.
  • LED screen to display your detoxification material.
  • Get instant relief from most chronic ailments just by single sitting of detox.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Colon?

The colon is the last five feet of the intestine also called as large intestine. It is a hollow, sausage-like organ made up layers of tissue that moves digested food along in a wave like motion, known as peristalsis.

What is Colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is also referred to as Colon Irrigation. In Colon Hydrotherapy there is a use of filtered, temperature controlled water for inner cleansing of the colon. Over the years, due to poor digestive function our digestive system may not effectively eliminate waste which leads to accumulation of fecal matter. This leads to generation of bad bacteria, mould, yeast and parasites. If stored for too long it leads to an unhealthy digestive environment which may result in symptoms such as bloating, gas, headaches and many ailments.

How does Colon hydrotherapy work?

An individual is comfortably positioned on the Colon bed, a towel is placed over body to maintain privacy. A sterile speculum is then inserted into the rectum; our therapist will start the procedure by allowing water to flow into the colon to stimulate the body’s own peristaltic motion. This flow of water continues until filling of stomach is experienced. At this point mode of machine is changed so that water and fecal matter is eliminated in a hygienic manner. This process is repeated until the appropriate cleaning symptoms are observed. Each time the water is released, waste material from intestinal track is also released. A registered nurse / Colon hydro therapist is always available through out to assist you with the procedure or answer any questions you may have.

Do I need to have any precautions?

Yes, if you undergo Colon hydrotherapy, it is recommended to first consult our doctor. One should be empty stomach, in case you had something to your stomach than you should give a gap of at least three hours. After the therapy one should have warm moong dal khicari with little amount of pure ghee.


  • “I found the treatment for reducing obesity is very effective in this center with this colon hydrotherapy treatment. My general condition has improved and the pain, stiffness has also been reduced. I will definitely come again to continue my treatment.”
  • “As we are aware of our body and aware of how we should take care of it. My experience with the Colon Hydrotherapy is a wonderful and unique experience, it makes me sleep better and it makes me a better “feeling person” all around.”
    -Sunil Kumar
  • “I highly recommend Colon Hydrotherapy, It’s more affordable than other places, but it is absolutely professional and sensitive to ones individual needs and its completely advanced treatment for detoxification. Colon Hydrotherapy makes you feel great and is a wonderful compliment to a detoxify program.”
    -Ajay Dixit