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How do I become a member? What are your rates, fees, hours and amenities?

You need to visit us at our centre. Our managers will assist you, or you can mail us at

Is Kailash Health Village open 24 hours 7 days a week?

No, the GYM opens from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. Yes GYM/ HEALTH CENTRE is open 365 days.

I would like to change/update my billing information. How can I do that?

You just need to email us your new information or you can just drop your information at reception.

Do you offer student discount?

Yes students get a discount of 20%.

Does Kailash Health Village provide Trial Period before joining any of the services?

No trial period is offered but we provide a walk-through to the customers before joining.

Can I freeze my membership?

Sorry, freezing membership is not allowed.

Can I delay the start of my membership?

Yes, but to a maximum period of 2 months

I'd like to cancel my membership. How do I get started?

Cancellation of membership is not possible as per the policy. For further information you can write to us at or visit the centre.

Does The Gym offer Car Parking?

Yes the GYM/ HEALTH CENTRE has ample car parking space.

I want to cancel one of my gym services. How do I do that?

You need to inform us on email or update at reception desk

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  • “Trainers are well trained. They genuinely care about their clients and they have this amazing ability to keep clients motivated and ensure that workouts are effective and fun.”
    -Nitin Gandhi
  • “Thanks to Kailash Health Village. I was so occupied in my office work that I ignored my health. Trainers at Kailash Health Village recognized my problems and devised a special plan to support my daily official routine.”
    -Himani Arora